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Fun On The Metro

Normally my ride into work on our fair city's rapid transit system is uneventful. I get on at the end of the line, sit down, read the freebie version of the Post, do the crossword puzzle, play a little Collapse on my phone. The train fills up as we go along, gets crowded through downtown, then empties out as we head back uptown. Today? A little different. It was the same old ride up until... Read more →

Good Stuff

Wow, October already! It's been a busy few days, what with visiting Mom, deadlines at work, and emotional stuff, but it hasn't been all bad by any means. My Caps have started their season off with a bang, winning the opener against the Bruins very decisively (4-1) and winning the home opener against the Maple Leafs slightly less decisively (6-4). This makes me very happy. Before the home opener, our newest banner was dropped from... Read more →