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My Latest Guilty Pleasure

Carrie is back for her fitting, but will she still love it after six months??

Sometimes it's even the consultant who has issues.

If you're the bride, finding the perfect dress isn't always easy.

While Joe is off at the museum helping out with the annual Smithsonian Teacher's Night, I am indulging myself in a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress. I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but not too embarrassed to keep watching.

Some girls love the first dress they try on; others go through dozens with no success. Some girls arrive with only their moms; others have complete entourages of bridesmaids, siblings, BFFs, moms, grandmas, future in-laws, and strangers off the street. There are big girls, little girls, blond girls, dark girls.

Then there are consultants! I love them! Somehow they manage, most of the time, to find That Perfect Dress for the nervous bride.

The prices make me gasp (and really happy to have a son).