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Wow, October already!

It's been a busy few days, what with visiting Mom, deadlines at work, and emotional stuff, but it hasn't been all bad by any means.

My Caps have started their season off with a bang, winning the opener against the Bruins very decisively (4-1) and winning the home opener against the Maple Leafs slightly less decisively (6-4). This makes me very happy. Before the home opener, our newest banner was dropped from the rafters:


As is our wont (and because we wanted to be sure to snag a Mike Green bobblehead), Joe and I arrived downtown extra early. To pass the time, we wandered over to the Museum of American Art. I was quite taken with a wall-sized multimedia sculpture called "Electronic Superhighway" by Nam June Paik. It's a map of the USA in neon, with DVD players inserted in each "state" playing video specific to that state -- for example, Kansas is playing The Wizard of Oz.


This photo really doesn't do it justice. What was really cool was that right where DC would be was a camera, which meant that whoever walked by it was shown on the small video screen right beside it. So of course I had to try to capture that -- you can sort of see me in my Caps jersey here.


Today we went to the Redskins game, courtesy of my sister, where we cheered our team to victory -- a sloppy, sloppy victory, but a victory nonetheless. Let me tell you, my sis and her family do tailgating right.

The game was a roller coaster (kind of like my life at the moment), but we managed to overcome a 10-point deficit and hold on for a win.


So it was a good weekend, overall. The art inspires me, the Caps make me happy, and the Skins give me hope.

I'll take it.