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So It Goes

Our Version Of A Spa Getaway, Western Maryland Edition

I always know I'm getting close to a weekend full of laughter and peacefulness (yes, peacefulness) when I spot the Sideling Hill cut in the distance, just before rolling through Hancock, Maryland.


Joe and I headed out to the Cumberland area last Saturday to celebrate his brother's birthday. We went up late Saturday afternoon because, hey, it's a three-hour drive and we are pretty much past the point of doing that twice in one day. Luckily, Joe's sister offered up her guest room to us for the night so off we went, in the mist and drizzle, to the mountains. The clouds parted just as we approached the cut.

Joe's sister and her husband live on a ridgetop surrounded by woods. I think they must infuse the air with relaxation gas, because all my muscles start easing out of their knots as soon as we turn off I-68 and onto the twisty, back country roads in Flintstone. You wouldn't think that was possible, especially when you round a sharp turn and come face to face with a big old cow standing on the side of the road, just hangin' out chewin' some roadside grass, but it is.

We finally turned off the pavement just before sunset, headed deep into the woods and up the hill.

The nice tree man was there to make us feel welcome.


The koi among the lily pads in the pool swam up to have a snack.


A bee sipped from the gorgeous fall flowers.


On Sunday afternoon we had a party for Joe's brother with great food, and of course, cake!

After visiting, laughing, and eating, it was time to head home, east through the cut, back to reality. Oh well, we can always go back!