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Ocean City Love List

I am in my favorite place in the whole entire world, with many members of my family, enjoying the first day of a whole entire week off work. I could get used to this. So, in honor of relaxation and rejuvenation, I give you this Friday's Love List! I love: Dozing off on Kent Island (100 miles from Ocean City) and waking up on Route 90 (10 miles from Ocean City). Breakfast at Coach's Diner.... Read more →

Zebras Are Reactionaries*

Last Sunday Joe and I took a trip to the Land of Irritated Parents and Cranky Children to view the various species of wildlife on display there. The National Zoo. Yes, we saw a lot of animals too! We got our first shock of the day when we parked in one of the lower lots: TEN BUCKS for an hour! It jumps up to $15 for up to three hours, and skyrockets to $20 for... Read more →