Hardcore Sunday
A Day With Mom

Ten Things In No Particular Order

1. We got a new refrigerator! Our old one was 21 years old and finally decided to retire. At least it gave us some notice. So we went to the Big Orange Box store and picked out a basic fridge -- no icemaker, no water/crushed ice/frozen margarita dispenser (although I would have totally gone for a frozen margarita dispenser) -- for $459 bucks. We've never bought a new fridge, so I was overly excited over the clear drawers and the deep door shelves. And it's all nice and white!

2. We went to a hockey game! Yes, in July! It was the Dave Fay memorial game. It was great fun for a great cause. And what could be better than hockey in July?

3. We took Mom to lunch today. There were no tables available in the main dining room of the place she likes, so we sat in the bar. However, the tables and chairs in there are the tall bar variety, so Joe and I had to actually lift Mom up and plop her on the seat. But she ate two cups of soup and a mozzarella stick and various pieces of my salad. She's like a bird, perched on a chair, picking and pecking.

4. I am entirely too fond of cake shows.

5. The posters on the TWOP forum for True Blood have been complaining about a lack of action. Boy oh boy, tonight's episode sure made up for that!

6. Lists work. I should make more of them.

7. Speaking of Mom, she has decided that she wants dental implants and veneers because her perfectly acceptable teeth and partials are "not pretty", so she called her dentist and made an appointment. Then she forgot what day the appointment was, and then she fogged out on the appointment itself. I called the dentist and had a delightful conversation with the nurse, so we're all squared away. She's definitely going to the dentist, she'll have a cleaning, and the dentist will gently let her know that implants and veneers are expensive, painful, and a bad investment if you're 98.

8. I made cupcakes! Because I made the frosting with lemon extract that is more like straight alcohol with a slight tinge of lemon, Joe calls them buzzcakes.

9. I got the checkbook squared away.

10. Finally, a Public Service Announcement regarding my last post. Like President Obama, I could have calibrated my words differently. In short, my brother does not think Buddy Holly is hardcore.