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Theme Songs: A Quiz

It's Friday! Time for a quiz, I think. So come on, all you couch potatoes, put on your thinking caps, listen to the following clips, and see if you can guess the TV show. Some themes are from vintage shows; some are more recent; and at least one is current. And just because I like you, a hint precedes each clip. ETA: GAH! It doesn't seem to be working. I probably overstayed my bandwidth. ETA again: Well, POOP! It still doesn't work. I've removed the embedding audio files and posted the answers. Phooey. Oh, and it might take a moment for the cute lil audio players to appear.

1. Wacky Cops.
Barney Miller

2. Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Powerpuff Girls

3. We're needed.
The Avengers

4. Get your kicks.
Route 66

5. Care for a fried egg chili chutney sandwich?
Red Dwarf

6. Watch out for that ottoman!
The Dick Van Dyke Show

7. Toga! Toga! Toga!

8. Shake!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (I know; it was a lousy clue.)

9. Elementary.
Sherlock Holmes

10. We know every part by heart!
Bugs Bunny

Put your guesses in the comments; two pats on the head to the person with the most correct answers.