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Rest In Peace, Cosmic

Cosmic I started keeping an online journal on January 1, 2002. I don't remember exactly how or when I found Karen Murray's diary, but what I do remember is how much I enjoyed it. Here was a woman who pulled no punches, who had a wicked sense of humor, who had battled breast cancer through a double mastectomy, and who was my age in what seemed to be a sea of kids.

I've followed her ever since and she's followed me. I always loved her comments. I knew I had made it when she put me on her email joke list! She sent around some great jokes, too.

I met her in person at JournalCon 2004 in DC. We had lunch together with several other women of our age; it was a highlight of the conference for me.

Karen -- but I'll always think of her as Cosmic -- died yesterday. She had serious chronic lung problems, and pneumonia was the last straw. She died her way, refusing a ventilator. I hope I'm that brave when it's my time.

Rest in peace, friend. I'll miss you.