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Happy Birthday, Mom

Mom turned 98 yesterday. Ninety-eight. Imagine that! We took her to dinner at the Inn at Brookeville Farms, the same place where we had lunch over Memorial Day weekend. Because we were gathering for dinner at 6:00 -- normally Mom's bedtime -- we borrowed the wheelchair from the assisted living home so she could ride into the restaurant in style. I got there late, because a powerful thunderstorm blew through the area just as I... Read more →


Our trip to Hershey was just great! Here are ten things about it. 1. The weather started out cool and cloudy, but grew increasingly better as we drove. 2. We found the Fairfield Inn in Harrisburg very easily; for once Mapquest directions were right on the money. 3. Joe had brought his copy of the Midatlantic Brewing News with him; lo and behold, there were two brewpubs in Harrisburg! We debated calling for directions, but... Read more →

Road Trip

Okay! Joe and I are heading out of town this weekend, but not to Ocean City. Nope, we're heading northwest, to Hershey, Pennsylvania. For chocolate? I hear you cry. Nope. For hockey! Oh good grief, I hear you cry. Bear with me. See, the Caps minor league affiliate, the Hershey Bears (ha ha, didja get that?) are playing the Manitoba Moose for the Calder Cup. The Calder Cup is the American Hockey League's version of... Read more →

Bonjour, M. Renard

I just noticed that I have officially done 666 posts on Typepad, so I better get this one done quick before I die and go straight down to join the devil's big ol' party. We've been feeding three new feral kitties for the last several months now (Brownie, Fluffy, and Smoothie). Normally, we put a couple of plates of kitty kibble out on the back stoop and let them have at it. Occasionally their momma... Read more →


My first day as a circus clown was April 1, 1976, George Matthews Great London Circus. I stepped up into the rickety old converted school bus that served as a rolling bunkhouse for the clowns and the prop crew, full of nerves and hope. There, in the middle bunk on the left side of the bus, lay a tall guy with a long ponytail. I introduced myself and he stuck out his hand and introduced... Read more →