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Rest In Peace, Cosmic

I started keeping an online journal on January 1, 2002. I don't remember exactly how or when I found Karen Murray's diary, but what I do remember is how much I enjoyed it. Here was a woman who pulled no punches, who had a wicked sense of humor, who had battled breast cancer through a double mastectomy, and who was my age in what seemed to be a sea of kids. I've followed her ever... Read more →

A Clown, A Captain, A Count

Before we get started, I gave up on the audio quiz from Friday and posted the answers. Last night Joe and I went to a world premiere movie at the AFI Theater! It was a documentary, part of the theater's renowned documentary series, Silverdocs. I read about this film in the newspaper yesterday morning and immediately knew we had to go. Had. To. Go. The film was Every Other Day Is Halloween -- it's about... Read more →

Theme Songs: A Quiz

It's Friday! Time for a quiz, I think. So come on, all you couch potatoes, put on your thinking caps, listen to the following clips, and see if you can guess the TV show. Some themes are from vintage shows; some are more recent; and at least one is current. And just because I like you, a hint precedes each clip. ETA: GAH! It doesn't seem to be working. I probably overstayed my bandwidth. ETA... Read more →

My Own Great Books

I've been reading entries from various folks who have listed 15 books that are important to them, and I thought, "Hmm. What would mine be?" So here they are. Some are important because they affected my life; some are important to me because I simply love the story. The Stand -- Stephen King. I first read this book when I was in labor with SonnyeBoy. I finished it in one day. It's still my favorite... Read more →

The Crash

As I write this, six people are confirmed dead; over 70 are injured. At just about 5:00 this afternoon, I was getting ready to jump on Metro to meet Joe at the Verizon Center for a Capitals event. Then my phone rang. It was Joe. "The Metro train I'm on just crashed into another train. I'm probably not going to make it to the arena." It took a second to sink in. A crash?? A... Read more →

And Counting

People ask how we met -- I was dating his best friend. People ask about our first date -- beer and pizza at a Capitol Hill joint long since gone. People ask how I "knew" -- We'd been dating six weeks. We were lying in bed and he started laughing. I asked what was funny and he said, "I can't tell you yet." Just like that, I knew he was going to ask me to... Read more →

Why I'm Not In Sales

Saturday my sister and I hauled a lot of our junk gently used merchandise to a local flea market, held at a local outdoor ice rink. I brought a couple of boxes of 80s-vintage jewelry (anyone remember twister beads??). Some of the jewelry was actually quite nice -- sterling silver and semi-precious stones -- but I hadn't worn it in years. Most of it was cheesy costume jewelry from the mall accessory store. Sis brought... Read more →

Butterflies Everywhere

Today we went to Brookside Gardens, a fabulous public park and garden near us, to see Wings of Fancy, a live butterfly exhibit. Before we went into the butterfly room, one of the volunteers showed us the caterpillars that will soon wrap themselves up in a nice silk nightie while they get their extreme makeovers into butterflies. This guy will eventually become a monarch butterfly, like this guy: But we didn't only see monarch butterflies.... Read more →

Brain Trip Love List

I'm caught in a snag, trying to do something wild and creative and cool with a project -- but I can't quite get my fabu ideas out of my brain and into the computer. I have faith, though. Anyway, time for a Love List, because maybe if I focus my mind on things I love, something will trip my brain into solution mode. Here's hoping. I love: Playoff hockey. Go Red Wings! Hoist that Stanley... Read more →