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Butterflies Everywhere

Today we went to Brookside Gardens, a fabulous public park and garden near us, to see Wings of Fancy, a live butterfly exhibit.

Before we went into the butterfly room, one of the volunteers showed us the caterpillars that will soon wrap themselves up in a nice silk nightie while they get their extreme makeovers into butterflies.


This guy will eventually become a monarch butterfly, like this guy:


But we didn't only see monarch butterflies. The room was full of all different kinds of the fluttering critters -- pale blue and brown, bright orange, polka dotted, from tiny to enormous, solid colors butterflies and butterflies that looked like Tiffany lampshades. There were amazing huge bright blue butterflies -- but they had no interest in posing for pictures, at least not with their wings spread. Others, however, were quite cooperative.


(Lots more pictures here.) We had to be careful as we walked, because they like to land on the warm bricks of the walkway, and we had to get a quick once-over by a volunteer before we left, just in case a butterfly or two tried to make the break.

After we visited the butterflies, we strolled through the rest of the park. We spent quite a bit of time in the rose garden -- you guessed it -- smelling the roses.