Happy Birthday, Mom
Butterflies Everywhere

Brain Trip Love List

I'm caught in a snag, trying to do something wild and creative and cool with a project -- but I can't quite get my fabu ideas out of my brain and into the computer. I have faith, though.

Anyway, time for a Love List, because maybe if I focus my mind on things I love, something will trip my brain into solution mode. Here's hoping.

I love:

  • Playoff hockey. Go Red Wings! Hoist that Stanley Cup high over your heads. Also, go Bears! Bring home the Calder Cup!

  • Vanilla malts.

  • Green tea.

  • Crossword puzzles.

  • The tanzanite ring I'm wearing right this very minute.

  • La Crema chardonnay.

  • Brewster Rockit.

  • Waltzes. (My favorite is The Emperor Waltz by Johann Strauss.)

  • So You Think You Can Dance. (Except for Mary Murphy's screeching.)

  • Hand cream.

  • How Elmore Leonard writes. (Can't wait to read his new novel, Road Dogs.)

  • Wearing flip flops.

  • Long summer evenings.

  • Reading advice columns.

  • Talking to my sister.

  • Roses.

  • Listening to cool talks on TED.

  • True Blood (Whee!! New season premiere on Sunday!!)

  • Thunderstorms, when I'm not caught in them.

  • Lazy Sunday mornings.

Hope your weekend is filled with things you love, too.