For Better or Worse
Ten Things I Liked About This Week

What's On?

My my, there is some good TV happening right now.

Even as I type, the season premiere of Mythbusters is on -- cars are crashing into things and buses are careening around tight turns. Crash! Bam! And there's fruit all over the highway! Hey, physics can be fun!

Before Mythbusters came on, I caught up with the most recent episode of Friday Night Lights, aka The Best Show on Television. Oh. My. God. Even Joe, who normally prefers non-fiction, got caught up in this episode, and he hasn't even been following the show! Oh, Tyra -- your college essay knocked it out of the park. Oh, Matt Saracen -- you go to art school, hear? Oh, Coach and Tami -- I love you both, you perfect couple and perfect parents. Oh JD -- can't you see that your father is a super control freak? Damn it, pass the Kleenex! I am so sad that there is only one more episode this season, but I am totally happy that there will at least two more seasons.

Sunday night I watched the Season 3 premiere of The Tudors. Henry the Eighth, my hot guilty pleasure, is now on Wife Three. I'm wondering -- can Jane Seymour's short tenure as queen last through a whole season? She's not even pregnant yet, so maybe. Yeah, yeah; they totally take liberties with history. I do not care. I love the show.

Right after The Tudors, I tried to watch the second episode of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, but I pretty much fell asleep right at the beginning. My eyelids fluttered slightly during the encore showing an hour later, but that was as far as it went. I did watch the premiere last week and quite liked the show. It was beautifully acted, with good writing, and I really felt like I was in Botswana. Jill Scott can act as well as she sings -- score! I will catch up with this one through On Demand. (God bless On Demand!)

Last night I sort of watched the season premiere of Rescue Me. I love this show, because Denis Leary is brilliant. His character, Tommy Gavin, is such a total jerk, and yet I love him. This show can crack me up and rip up out my heart, sometimes in the same episode. It turns on a dime but never seems forced. The reason I say that I "sort of" watched the show is because I watched at least a third of it through my eyelids. It wasn't my fault; I was lying under the Evil Blanket of Perfect Warmth and thus had no resistance.

And in June! Ah, the return of True Blood!

Hmm. Maybe I watch too much TV.