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Ten Things I Liked About This Week

Another week over -- where does the time go? Next week it'll be November and I'll be whining about how fast the summer went. How do I stop that? I don't know -- maybe by appreciating the days as the go flying by instead of wasting time trying to conquer the next level of Collapse on my cell phone.


In any case, here are ten things that I liked about this past week.

1. Let's start with last Sunday and the Caps home finale! My sister and I went (Joe had another engagement) and we had a blast, especially as the Caps came back to win against the Thrashers.


2. Sticking with the Caps, I am also delighted that they have won two more games this week, cementing the second seed in the Eastern Conference. This is A Good Thing. One more game to go in the regular season; if they win that one, my boys will break the franchise record for wins and points. Let's go, Caps!

3. I made a difficult phone call and got voicemail. Hallelujah! I left a message. I have not gotten a call back. Hopefully I won't.

4. I finished up some STC work -- whew -- and then finished up some more STC work -- double whew. And I decided to resign one of my volunteer positions in the Society -- triple whew. I love the organization, but it's time to scale back a bit.

5. I participated in another damn corporate culture change thing. I am a skeptic when it comes to corporate culture changing; it seems like every CEO wants to change the corporate culture. So they spend lots of money on extensive surveys, analysis of the surveys, and then get the employees together for sessions where they rehash the results and ask for input and "actionable" plans for "operationalizing" the results. And then it's over and things continue just the way they did before. Anyway, I was a Good Employee and participated and gave my input. Maybe this time it will be different. Or not. I have a job that I enjoy and I'm grateful for that. (Wow. Vent much?)

6. I have been surprisingly productive at work. Why is it that the things you think will take -- oh, an hour, tops -- always take all damn morning? Regardless, I was productive, which is nice.

7. Speaking of productivity, I scrubbed the bathroom. Woo.

8. I made arrangements to borrow a wheelchair from Mom's assisted living home so that I can take her to a play tomorrow. The nearby theater center is running a show called "King of the Jews," and Mom is all over it because it's about the Holocaust. I was a little worried about the logistics, what with stairs and seats and getting in and out and restrooms and the like. But the show is in the small experimental theater; the entrance leads straight to the front row. I was able to get two seats in the front row, right next to the handicapped seats. The wheelchair will make everything even easier. I'm bringing in taco salads from Wendy's for lunch, then we're off to the theatah!

9. I've been pretty good on cutting back on salt, caffeine, and alcohol. Sigh.

10. However, I believe in moderation in all things, including moderation, so I stopped at Trader Joe's on my way home and picked up some ginger beer to go with my Black Seal rum. I am now enjoying a delicious Dark and Drizzly.