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Ten Things I Did Since Thursday

Since I last wrote in this space, I have:

1. Been furious at, sorry for, sympathetic to, irritated at, amused by, and worried about my mother. She's a one-woman emotional roller coaster!

2. Paid bills and balanced the checkbook. Yep, I balance the checkbook every month, down to the penny. It's the only way I can stay sane -- and keep any money in the bank!

3. Finished Bret Hart's memoir. Of course, he sets himself up as being the good guy -- it's his memoir, after all -- but really. Bret, Bret, Bret. I find it hard to be sympathetic to you when you basically fucked anything with a hole and a heartbeat while your wife raised your four kids for you. Still, his accounts of the weird world of professional wrestling is pretty fascinating; it reminds me of the circus, only without the pain.

4. Thought about getting a hair cut.

5. Canceled Mom's World Book Encyclopedia account. She bought the set of World Books over 50 years ago, I think, and has been keeping up with the year books ever since. There are now more year books than there are volumes in the basic set! Mom gave the whole shebang to my niece for her kids, who will likely look at them as quaint artifacts of a bygone age.

6. Wore summer pants! It has been hot around here -- in the 90s. So I was sitting on the bed thinking about getting dressed on Monday and feeling very unexcited about pulling on corduroys or thick knits when I rememberd -- I have summer pants! Even better? They were a little loose.

7. Almost gotten our latest crew of feral kitties to let me skritch them. One of them actually let me pet him, until he realized I was doing it. Then he freaked out and bolted.

8. Gotten my session picks together for STC conference. In a feverish burst of anal-retentiveness, I entered each session I was interested in attending into Outlook, then printed out the daily schedule. The only problem is that some time slots have three choices, alas.

9. Gotten caught up on The Office and The Tudors. Poor Queen Jane!

10. Screamed myself silly for my Capitals, both in person (Game 5) and in front my sister's TV (Game 6). The best part of Game 5? There were four best parts: Brads's two goals (one shorthanded!), Sasha's goal, and another unbelievable Ovie goal.

The arena was so loud at the end of the second period that the players didn't hear the horn and kept on playing! The best part of Game 6? Watching John Tortorella look more and more glum as he served his one-game suspension.

Tonight's the night! Game 7 -- do or die. LET'S GO CAPS!