And My Allergies Are Acting Up Too
It's Just A Little Stage Fright

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!*

Last Wednesday between periods at Game 1, my niece told us that there might be surprise for us at Game 2. My sister snapped "Way to keep a secret!", but my niece just smiled and told us again that there might be a surprise for us.

Hmmm, I thought.

I did my best to forget about it, because who wants to spoil a surprise? But the thought stayed with me, tickling my brain.

As I was falling asleep on Thursday night, it occurred to me -- SonnyeBoy! My niece had arranged a ticket to Saturday's game for SonnyeBoy! Then I pushed the thought away, because who wants to spoil a surprise?

But I sort of held on to it, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I was right.

Saturday morning, though, I got a text message from SonnyeBoy, with  cute picture of his cat, that read, "Is it Caturday yet?" We exchanged a couple more texts, which led me to believe that no, he was safely ensconced at home in Ocean City.

My sister called a little later, confirming our plans and telling us to be at her place around 11:30 so we could all go to the game together.

Hmmm, I thought again.

Nah, I decided.

We got to the house about 11, had a soda, and yakked about the game, Mom, this and that, waiting for my niece, and then a knock.


Yep. SonnyeBoy!!

Best. Surprise. Ever.

Those rascals! SonnyeBoy purposely sent the pictures -- which he already had stored on his phone -- to throw me off the scent. I shoulda known -- he's crafty like that.

And even though my beloved Caps lost, the fact that my beloved SonnyeBoy was here soothed the sting. He even went out early this morning and got us coffee and doughnuts -- we must have raised him right or something. We spent the day laughing and talking and hugging, and SonnyeBoy continued the surprise by coming to lunch with Mom. She was thrilled!

By now he's back in OC. He has court tomorrow -- he frequently has to testify against drunks that he's locked up -- so he couldn't stay any longer than one night.

I love these sorts of surprises.


*Two pats on the head to first person who can tell me the name of the TV character who used to say "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" A bonus pat for the actor's name; another bonus pat for the names of the two TV series featuring the character.