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Rock the Red

I probably should have written this post yesterday, but I was too damn tired out from celebrating. Yes! My Capitals won the seventh game of the series on Tuesday night, beating the New York Rangers 2 to 1. The game was a real nailbiter, let me tell you. The Caps did not play well in the first period -- whether from nerves, caution, or just plain not playing well, it doesn't matter. The Rangers, however,... Read more →

Ten Things I Did Since Thursday

Since I last wrote in this space, I have: 1. Been furious at, sorry for, sympathetic to, irritated at, amused by, and worried about my mother. She's a one-woman emotional roller coaster! 2. Paid bills and balanced the checkbook. Yep, I balance the checkbook every month, down to the penny. It's the only way I can stay sane -- and keep any money in the bank! 3. Finished Bret Hart's memoir. Of course, he sets... Read more →

By The Lake

It was such a beautiful day in Seattle! The Seattle skyline, from across Lake Washington -- just a tad hazy in the early evening. A lone sailboat takes advantage of the breeze. The sun was low in the west, bouncing off the boat and water. Where could this sweet little passage lead to? A secret garden? An enchanted castle? No -- it's right between the La Quinta Inn and Burgermaster! Read more →

It Went Fine

I'm home. I'm tired. But it's okay. The presentation went just fine, although I did sort of leave out a whole chunk of content that I wanted to talk about. No matter; if I ever get to do this presentation again I'll stick a slide in to remind me to talk about it. It's nice to see smiling faces before starting a presentation. The venue was great, but I would expect that from a meeting... Read more →

It's Just A Little Stage Fright

It's mid-afternoon and I'm sitting in the lobby of the La Quinta Inn in Kirkland, Washington, just east of Seattle across Lake Washington. It's a beautiful, beautiful day. It was a beautiful day yesterday too -- I even got a fabulous view of Mount Rainier on the way to the hotel. My hostess for the trip met me last night and we went down to the lake. After strolling for a bit and taking in... Read more →

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!*

Last Wednesday between periods at Game 1, my niece told us that there might be surprise for us at Game 2. My sister snapped "Way to keep a secret!", but my niece just smiled and told us again that there might be a surprise for us. Hmmm, I thought. I did my best to forget about it, because who wants to spoil a surprise? But the thought stayed with me, tickling my brain. As I... Read more →

And My Allergies Are Acting Up Too

Boy oh boy, am I tired. Have I been complaining a lot about being tired? I feel like I've been complaining a lot about being tired. Anyway, I am tired. It's been an eventful few days. Wednesday I went to the doctor for a regular checkup. More good news, bad news: Awesome cholesterol -- 117! HDL a tad low, but not awfully so. Blood glucose? Not so much; a little high at 101. I lost... Read more →

Embedded Jokes

I'm working on some case studies for a couple of instructor-led training courses. The material is not all that exciting, but it's pretty important for the people taking the course to get the details right. So... one of the things that makes a course "instructionally sound" is to have the students actually do something with the material as opposed to dozing and drooling through endless PowerPoint slides. Ta da! Enter the case study! But even... Read more →

Ten Things I Liked About This Week

Another week over -- where does the time go? Next week it'll be November and I'll be whining about how fast the summer went. How do I stop that? I don't know -- maybe by appreciating the days as the go flying by instead of wasting time trying to conquer the next level of Collapse on my cell phone. Nah. In any case, here are ten things that I liked about this past week. 1.... Read more →

What's On?

My my, there is some good TV happening right now. Even as I type, the season premiere of Mythbusters is on -- cars are crashing into things and buses are careening around tight turns. Crash! Bam! And there's fruit all over the highway! Hey, physics can be fun! Before Mythbusters came on, I caught up with the most recent episode of Friday Night Lights, aka The Best Show on Television. Oh. My. God. Even Joe,... Read more →