It's A Major Award!
For Better or Worse

Ear Ye: Good News, Bad News

The day started off with a thunderstorm, of all things, but now the clouds have parted and the sun is peeking through. It is every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be! I went outside to get some lunch and was actually warm. Then the sun popped out and felt -- dare I say it? -- hot! Go, Sun, go!

All right, I'm settling down now.

I had my followup appointment with the ENT doc the other day; it was a classic Good New, Bad News deal. The good news? I do not have MS, brain tumors, or evidence of a stroke. For that, I am very grateful. The bad news? I have two "disease processes" going on: the BPPV and the Meniere's Disease. It turns out that it is indeed possible to have both conditions. The shit bonus was that I had them at the same time -- double the dizziness! So I had loose crystals and a fluid imbalance. Great; thanks!

Anyway, the doc gave me some good advice on how to forestall and lessen the Meniere's attacks. He gave me the dietary no-nos (fat, salt, and alcohol; God! Can't I have ANY vices?) and he gave me some other practical advice, to wit:

  • Sit in the front seat of the car, because the back seat sways more and can trigger an episode.

  • When riding in a car, don't look at things that repeat, like lane lines, fences, or poles.

  • No yoga. (This prohibition does not bother me.)

  • When flying, seat in a window seat in the middle of the plane.  If a dizzy spell hits, look out the window at the horizon.

He also gave me some vestibular exercises to perform that should help as well. I wonder if I should wear a vest when I do them. Or perhaps vestments. Maybe I should do them in a vestibule.

In any case, both conditions have subsided for the most part, which is the vest news of all.