Jet Lagged

See You In Hell

Oh yes, I am SO going to hell.

We were walking back from dinner at a lovely Mediterranean restaurant, jabbering and laughing, when a small woman detached herself from a group standing on the corner and approached us.

"Are you Christian? Do you know Jesus?" she asked.

I do not like being accosted on the street, regardless of who is doing the accosting. Bums, religious fanatics of any persuasion, Greenpeacers, PETA people -- it doesn't matter who you are or what your cause is, I don't like being accosted on the street.

I kept on walking but answered loudly, "Absolutely!"

I did that because it was the only way I knew to prevent further proselytization (not a word, but should be).

Of course, the four glasses of exquisite chardonnary may have influenced me.