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Part One: Friday, The Departure Saga

I thought I had it all together for this trip, I really did. I researched the heck out of planes, eventually settling on flights with Northwest Airlines. We would start in Baltimore, connect through Detroit, and land in Appleton. We would rent a car in Appleton, drive the 30 miles to Green Bay, and have plenty of time for a nap and a leisurely lunch before all the festivities got underway. Alas. Everything started out... Read more →

What's In A Name?

Hi! I'm okay! Sorry about the lack of updates in the last couple of days, but... I caught another cold. I know! But I called in sick yesterday and spent the day in bed, and Thursday I was much better. Really. I had to be, because... Friday Joe and I flew to Wisconsin for the annual meeting of The Imaginary Friends. That day was a clusterfuck of great magnitude, which deserves a post all of... Read more →

Lights Out

Yesterday I gave blood at a special blood drive sponsored by the Caps (who apparently did not bother to come to their own game today, alas). I've given lots and lots of blood over the years with nary a problem. No problem this time, either -- at least for the rest of the day. We had lunch with Mom and the rest of the family, I met a pal for a movie and a snack... Read more →