See You In Hell
A Smooth Trip Home And A Great Game


See that equation in the title? That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! God. I made the same mistake on a Twitter post, but I caught that one.

I must clarify that it wasn't really four full glasses of wine. But it was more than I usually drink, so yeah, I was feeling fine.

We went back to the same restaurant last night because the French bistro -- cleverly named Crepe Vine -- was closed, as in out of business. So back to the Mediterranean joint! And more wine! Last night we stuck with the La Crema ChardonnAY (the other night we also had Sonoma Cutrer ChardonnAY), although another member of the group ordered a bottle of red. Alas, red wine still gives me hot flashes, whereas white just makes me silly.

I know. Okay. SilliER.

I can't get over the splendid weather here. The class today ended a little early (okay, a lot early) so I went back to my room to finish up some work. I looked outside and saw the tables by the pool. So much for working in my room -- I grabbed my laptop and sat by the pool and finished my work. I really think the light and fragrant breeze made me amazingly productive! Imagine that!!