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A Look Into My Brain

Tomorrow I am finally having the brain MRI that my ENT doc ordered back in early February. There was -- and you will probably not be at all surprised at this -- a snafu with the health insurance.

Back when the doc ordered the scan, the lovely and efficient office manager told me that she would submit a preauthorization with my insurance and call me when it came through. I could then make the appointment. Later that week when I had the ENG, I asked after it, but the office manager told me that they hadn't received it yet.

I then promptly forgot about it.

The thought finally made its way back into the forefront of my active mind a week or so ago and I idly wondered why it was taking so long.

So I called the office manager. She was suitably surprised, so I figured that she had also forgotten about it, but I don't hold any grudge about that. She made up for it by immediately getting in touch with the insurance company. They told her that I did not need a preauthorization.

Evidently they got the request, thought "Huh. She doesn't need this." and then balled it up and threw it away and forgot to call the office manager. So there's been a lot of forgetting all the way around.

The office manager was a little embarrassed by the whole event and told me to just go ahead and make the appointment.

Naturally, I jotted down "Make MRI appointment" on a sticky and stuck it on my calendar and looked at it for two days before I finally called.

There is no cause for alarm -- this is the "rule out" MRI. I had a CAT scan a couple of years ago and it showed that I still had a brain, so I expect the MRI will show the same thing, only louder and in color.

But I guess I'm still a little nervous. What if, and all that.

I think I'll just forget about it for now.