The Test Redux
The Day Rex Blew The Show

Hat Tricks and Silly Flicks

Thanks for all your comments, notes, and good thoughts on the whole dizziness deal. I've had a couple of nasty spells this weekend, but I was able to grab on to my sister in one case and Joe in the other. Today was much better as far as symptoms go, though. If tomorrow is a little better still, and the next day a little better than that, I'll be happy.

It was a great weekend for my Capitals though! A stellar win over the Lightning on Saturday night, featuring Greener shattering an NHL record, and a gut-check win over the Panthers on Sunday evening, featuring another Ovie hat trick. (Yes, the third goal was an empty net goal. I do not care.)

I had the day off today, so Joe and I celebrated the births of two of the countries greatest presidents by seeing Paul Blart, Mall Cop.

Fat guy on a Segway -- now that's comedy gold!

Actually, I liked it. It was silly and sweet and did not contain any poop jokes. Stomach growling jokes, yes, but no poop jokes. I like that in a comedy.