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Mirror, Mirror...

I've spent a little while in last week or so catching up with Friday Night Lights, my current favorite TV show. For those of you don't know this show, it's a show about high school football in a small Texas town. Except... not really. I mean, football -- especially the high school variety and especially the small-town Texas variety -- is the center around which the story is woven. I love the writing this season.... Read more →

Ten Idle Thoughts

1. Goddamn Flyers. 2. I was catching up on Buckles' Blog (a very cool circus history blog) and got three stabs from the past. One was my pal Janice Aria, another was a guy who was the canvas boss on one of my old shows (no, not that canvas boss), and the third was a former clown partner who now is the Technical Director for O in Las Vegas. I toyed with the idea of... Read more →

It Was The Best Of Games; It Was The Worst Of Games

So. Friday night, the Capitals played the Colorado Avalanche, a team with a very bad record. Joe and I were looking forward to having a really fun evening, especially since the great game on Wednesday. Alas, it was not to be, and not just because the Caps laid down on the ice and let the Avs skate all over them and lost 4-1. It was also because I kind of got into a battle of... Read more →

I Made My Deadline Love List

I just sent a big project off for review, so I'm feeling free! At least as free as you can feel when you know that the excrement will surely hit the propeller on Monday, when I have to turn my attention to another MUST DO NOW project. As we used to say in the circus, "It's a hell of a life!" Anyway, it's Friday and I'm feeling like a Love List. First and foremost, watch... Read more →

The Day Rex Blew The Show

Those of you who have read The Book may remember the scene where the lion bites the trainer during the show. It really happened. The show was playing Anniston, Alabama, on a rotten lot overrun with tall weeds. Because the steel cage took time to set up, the lion act went first. They appeared in the center ring. It also took time to tear down, which is why the clowns went next, in the other... Read more →

Hat Tricks and Silly Flicks

Thanks for all your comments, notes, and good thoughts on the whole dizziness deal. I've had a couple of nasty spells this weekend, but I was able to grab on to my sister in one case and Joe in the other. Today was much better as far as symptoms go, though. If tomorrow is a little better still, and the next day a little better than that, I'll be happy. It was a great weekend... Read more →

The Test Redux

I had my second ENG today. Unlike the last time, however, this time the tests showed some signs of benign positional vertigo. The audiologist performed the Epley maneuver on me -- a little differently than I did it on myself, imagine that -- and gave me a list of instructions to follow for the next week to help ensure that it takes. Things like: Sleeping in a semi-reclining position for the next two days --... Read more →

S Times Ten

The lovely and talented Kristen gave me an S. See, there's this alphabet meme going around, where you get a letter from a previous meme-er. Then you write about 10 things that begin with that letter that mean something to you. Kristin had Letter A, and she gave me Letter S. So! Here we go. Spiders and snakes - are two animals that scare me. Snakes slither and spiders sneak and both of them can... Read more →

My Roman Holiday

The lovely and talented Nichol asked about Item 8 in the Random Things list. Yes, it's true! Let me elaborate. When I was 15, I went on a trip to France with several other girls from my class. Our French teacher, Miss Lewis, was our chaperone. It was a six-week study tour; we spent three weeks just outside of Paris (Orsay, actually) and three weeks in Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera. We were part of... Read more →

I Have To Have My Head Examined

Last Thursday I went to lunch with a few of my coworkers. It was pretty damn cold. A stiff wind was blowing in our faces as we walked up Wisconsin Avenue to the restaurant. Right in the middle of crossing Nebraska Avenue, the wind got under my hat and into my ear, and the world suddenly took off like a whirlpool around me. I took a couple of big stumbley steps trying to regain my... Read more →