Super Bowl Weekend Love List
Secure Those Antiques!

Ten Things That Tired Me Out This Weekend

What a weekend! I can't take all this rushing from one fun-filled activity to the next. Allow me to enumerate.

1. I actually went to juggling club on Friday night. I wasn't quite a rusty as I thought I'd be. Just one question -- is it uncharitable of me to envy a child?


2. The Capitals played the Detroit Red Wings Saturday afternoon -- what a game! My boys beat the reigning Stanley Cup champions 4 to 2. The Great 8 scored two goals, and the defense managed to hold the Wings off on a late game six-on-three power play. Whew!

3. Based on this review, I stopped into Red Velvet Cupcakery after the game and treated myself to a Peanut Butter Cup cupcake to celebrate the victory. Because these little gems cost $3.25 each, this will not become a habit. (But -- Oh! My! Yummy!)

4. Around 9:30 that evening, I fell so sound asleep on the sofa that Joe couldn't wake me up. He tried talking to me, rubbing my feet, shaking my shoulder, and I simply snored. So he turned off the TV and went to bed. I woke up on my own at 1 am and stumbled on up the stairs to join him.

5. Sunday morning I had a mild disagreement with Mom, because I am apparently the only person in my entire family who is qualified to buy her Immodium.

6. The Capitals played the Ottawa Senators Sunday afternoon -- what a game! My boys dominated the struggling Canadian skaters 7 to 4. Ovie added to his league leading lineup of goals with a hat trick! This game was not nearly as nerve wracking, but I did get a tad anxious late in the third period when the Sens scored twice. But no worries! Nice to see Ovie get 5 goals in two games and earn the First Star Award in both!


7. As I was taking my second period intermission constitutional around the arena, I saw the Chinese New Year's Day parade making its way through Chinatown, so I snapped this shot through the upper level concourse window. Nice dragon!


8. I made a quick stop at CVS to pick up batteries, facial cleanser, and the aforementioned Immodium. I had to wander around a bit to find everything, for this particular CVS is quite the maze.

9. My sister had a Super Bowl party, where I watched the Cardinals lose to the Steelers in a really great game. My brother was rooting for Pittsburgh and waving his Terrible Napkin with great abandon. I, on the other hand, ate a lot of shrimp. And steak. And brownies.

10. Once I was safely home and snuggled into bed, I dreamed of my current project at work. More than once. God.