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At Least The Doll Wasn't Hammered

Quantum Of Explosions

Joe and I threw caution to the winds tonight and went to a movie. We live fast and loose, we do, so we went to see Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond flick.

I know it got mediocre reviews, but I quite enjoyed the movie. I figure as long as I willingly suspend -- actually, willingly completely ignore -- my disbelief and just go along for the ride I can have a pretty good time, and I did.

I like Daniel Craig's Bond. He's flawed, and gritty, and imperfect. (Except when he wears a tuxedo. That, my friends, is pretty much perfect.) He actually gets dirty and bloody and bruised, although a hot shower and a fresh shirt seem to fix him right up.

So anyway, I couldn't pay too much attention to the plot in this movie, because that way lies madness. I just identify the main guy and maybe a secondary bad guy or two and sit back and watch the chases and explosions.

This version has several car chases (the opening one is hard to beat), a boat chase, an airplane chase, and a couple of on-foot chases. There are, of course, plenty of explosions, country hopping (Italy! England! Haiti! Germany -- I think!, Bolivia! Russia!), and narrow escapes from certain death. There's revenge and excessive violence and drinking in swanky bars on private airplanes and drinking in dirty dives in third world countries and a tricked-out Tosca. I was exhausted by the end!

However, there's only one sex scene. It's very short and you don't get to see anything, which is a damn shame given Daniel Craig's assets.