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Cautiously Optimistic

I did the Epley Maneuver shortly after posting last night, and it seems to have helped. Then again, I haven't tried to lie down on my right side today. I rolled over to my right side early this morning and there was a little bit of dizziness, but it was mild. So I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll try it again if I lie down tonight and go spinning off the bed. I took Mom to the... Read more →

Again With The Vertigo

It's been about a year and a half since my vertigo has flared up, but flare up it has. Bah. Good old BPPV. Evidently one of the wee calcium crystals in my inner ear has gone walkabout. Normally I applaud this sort of independent thinking, but the problem is that this behavior triggers some very obnoxious dizziness whenever I lie on my right side or sit up too fast from a lying-down position. It's the... Read more →

SonnyeBoy Drops In

SonnyeBoy just left, just now, with a load of presents and a kittycat. It was way too short of a visit -- he arrived late yesterday afternoon. But we had our Second Christmas, with gifts and everything, and it was wonderful. SonnyeBoy always says he never knows what to get for me, but everything he gets is perfect, so he just thinks he doesn't know what to get me. Or something. SonnyeBoy treated us to... Read more →


My Capitals beat the Buffalo Sabers last night, 3-2 -- a highlight in and of itself, of course. But my oh my, Alex Ovechkin showed exactly why he's the reigning most valuable player. We sit above (way above) this net, so we had a bird's eye view of this pretty, pretty goal. For you hockey novices, keep your eye on the guy in the red sweater, number 8. Watch how he passes the pack to... Read more →


I just finished eating a very nice steak, deliciously juicy and medium rare, done to a turn on The George. I love steak. Okay, not just steak; I love red meat. I have made peace with my carnivorous nature. I embrace it, in fact. I grew up on red meat. My Pop was a steak and beef man, and my Mom made sure he got it at least three times a week. On Sundays she... Read more →

And To All, A Good Night

Fine presents, cookies and coffee, a long ride around the town, the traditional watching of A Christmas Story, and a bit of a snooze -- all the ingredients of a lovely holiday. The Capitals jacket fits Joe like a glove; the pretty amber ring sparkles on my hand. Biggest surprise? The great DVD of Beyond the Fringe! Before there was Monty Python, there were Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, and Jonathan Miller. Inspired! We... Read more →

Quiet And Content

The classical music station is playing beautiful choral Christmas music; soon they will play the entire Nutcracker Suite, uninterrupted. Joe is quietly reading Volume 1 of Shelby Foote's history of the Civil War; he's deep in the cornfield of Antietam on the bloodiest day of the war. Earlier he wrapped up a present for me and scurried downstairs to put it under the tree. SonnyeBoy is probably sleeping, getting ready for his shift tonight. He... Read more →

Nuts To You

Joe has befriended a little squirrel. This guy comes right up onto our back stoop to scoop up peanuts and cashews. He actually chases the other squirrels away! He'll come up and stretch up to see if anyone's inside, then stand there with his hands folded in front of his chest, waiting patiently. When Joe opens the door, Squirrelly jumps to safety, but he keeps his eyes on the prize. He hasn't quite gotten courageous... Read more →

Me, In A Nun Suit, Juggling

Yesterday, as part of the one hundred things meme, I mentioned that I had indeed had my portrait painted. I also described it: me, in a nun's habit, juggling. My pal Stephanie left a comment wondering what that was all about. I don't blame her. I'd wonder, too. Anyway, here's the deal. Back when I was in college, several of my good friends were very good artists. One of my friends, Lizzie, wanted to paint... Read more →

One Hundred Things

How about a meme? Okay, sure! In this one, the stuff that I've done is in bold. I've also added some commentary to several of the items. 1. Started your own blog. This version of Red Nose is actually the rebirth. It originally began on January 1, 2002, on Diary-X. 2. Slept under the stars. 3. Played in a band. 4. Visited Hawaii. How many times? - Once, in 2000. My favorite place was Sunset... Read more →