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If Only I Weighed What My Cholesterol Is

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, more or less a physical. I say "more or less" because the original purpose of the appointment was to check my blood pressure and ensure that I wasn't about to explode. I was supposed to do this every three months, but the office manager found that I hadn't been in about a year and busted me.

So I added on the "let's just make it a physical" and we called it an appointment.

My doc has instituted a new policy for routine appointments where you go get your labwork done a few days ahead of time. That way the doc has the results at hand and can congratulate or scold you accordingly.

So, the results. Blood pressure? 110/70 -- meds are working. Glucose? No problem. Whew. Weight? Well... I haven't gained any in a year. Then again... I haven't lost any either. I'll take it for now. Little bump on the nape of my neck? Probably nothing; might want to see a dermatologist. Lungs and heart? Good to go.

But! May I say that my cholesterol is nothing short of awesome? 120! YES! And before you ask, the LDL and HDL ratios were fine.

However, some liver thingy is slightly elevated -- it's supposed to top out at 40, but mine was 44. The doc said that it could be due to alcohol consumption, but I don't really drink very much at all. Then I remembered that I had one of my sister's killer martinis the Saturday night before the bloodwork.

Damn, that was a good martini. Evidently my liver thought so, too.

But just in case, he's going to check it out again in two months, along with my blood pressure. Nothing like a little test result to inspire you to make an appointment.