Bravo, Tom Toles
From 'Zilla To Johnny

Delaying Tactics

For 10 days now I have been saying, "I will start NaNoWriMo today! I will hunker down and write and write and write and catch up and surpass and finish in a blaze of glory!"

Well, not so much. Actually, not at all.

But I have finally gotten the checkbook up to date and the bills organized and the most important ones paid on time.

But I have visited Mom and listened to her odd phone calls and refused to let her pick a fight with me and taken her to lunch and told her I love her.

But I have cleaned the crap off the kitchen table and thrown out all of the expired vitamins and supplements and medicines and watered the African violet (which actually has blooms -- it seems to be thriving under my plant-care system of "wait until the leaves are really droopy and then add water") and sorted through the pile of mail and catalogs and magazines.

But I have bought a cable splitter and hooked up my wee bedroom TV to the cable and so now I don't have to buy a digital converter box and have a lot more channels. (Maybe that's not such a good thing...)

But I have attended a lovely birthday party and my exercise class and a hockey game (which we won! Against the Hurricanes in the last 10 seconds!).

So I don't feel too bad about it, because I will start NaNoWriMo tomorrow! And write and write and write! And finish in a blaze of glory!