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Can You Tell I'm A Little Bored?

Catching Up

Cal Clutterbuck just scored his first NHL goal for the Minnesota Wild -- against my Caps, dammit. But how great of a name is Cal Clutterbuck, f'cryin' out loud? There are all kinds of possibilities in that name. For example, suppose poor Cal makes a whole bunch of mistakes in one game? Could that be a clusterfuck for Clutterbuck? Hey, it could happen.

Joe has been downloading TV show themes like crazy from Television Tunes. The site has every show you think of, from Sanford and Son to Have Gun Will Travel to Dr. Who to Benny Hill to Dragnet to Fraggle Rock to Powerpuff Girls to... well, just about anything. I mean, even Sky King!

We had a very family oriented weekend. We celebrated my brother's birthday at a very nice restaurant on Saturday night. The only glitch was that they sat us in front of the fountain, so we all felt like we had to pee all night. Sunday we gathered at my sister's house to watch the Redskins beat the Seahawks, which they obligingly did. After many tasty snacks and my sister's killer margaritas, we adjourned to a local dive for more food and drink, and a good time was had by all.

I stayed up late to watch the season finale of True Blood. Oh. My. It was about ten kinds of awesome, and now I must wait until summer for my next bite. (Heh.) I am uninterested in Twilight; I like my vampire love to be requited.

I'm having a tough time concentrating at work. It's a short week, for one thing; for another, the rumors are buzzing around like flies at a picnic. But I'll be eating turkey and pie in a couple of days, so I won't let myself stress out too much about what I can't control. I will, however, see if the Super Fresh in Ocean City is hiring. Just in case.

Goddammit. Clutterbuck just scored again! This is not the clusterfuck that I had in mind!