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Light 'n Drizzly

When I was in New Orleans, I sampled several different drinks, including the Dark 'n Stormy. My, but it was indeed yummy! I had a different version recently, but it was a wee bit too "bitey," if you get my drift. I rather like my cocktails to not taste too alcoholic. I know, I'm a lightweight. Anyhow, I decided to mix up my own version of the tasty beverage. So my pal Andrea and I... Read more →

Let's Have A Blessing For Turkey With Dressing

A Thanksgiving meme, lifted from Bev: 1. What are you thankful for this year? The serious stuff: My mom is still with us, physically frail but feisty as ever. I still have a job that I enjoy, that makes me think, and that keeps me learning new things. My son and my husband. Friends, both real and imaginary. The silly stuff: Pie. iTunes. Comedy. Movies. Season tickets to the Capitals. Jim Zorn. (I'm horny for... Read more →

Can You Tell I'm A Little Bored?

All right, I've caved. I joined Twitter and promptly found a bunch of people to follow, and several of those folks are now following me! I feel like I'm in a Verizon ad, only with far fewer followers behind me. But what the heck, it's another new toy. Feel free to follow me -- no guarantees on how often I'll drop a breadcrumb of wisdom. Actually, no guarantees on the wisdom either. You might have... Read more →

Catching Up

Cal Clutterbuck just scored his first NHL goal for the Minnesota Wild -- against my Caps, dammit. But how great of a name is Cal Clutterbuck, f'cryin' out loud? There are all kinds of possibilities in that name. For example, suppose poor Cal makes a whole bunch of mistakes in one game? Could that be a clusterfuck for Clutterbuck? Hey, it could happen. Joe has been downloading TV show themes like crazy from Television Tunes.... Read more →

It's A Nerve-Wracking Day In The Neighborhood

I missed it all, because I left before it happened and got home after it was over, but Joe was in the thick of it! "What?" I hear you cry. Oh, only a police manhunt, gunfight, and school lockdown in my neighborhood! Joe was walking around the lakes with his walking buddy when he noticed a police helicopter hovering just about at treetop level. Immediately after that, they heard about a billion police sirens very... Read more →

If Only I Weighed What My Cholesterol Is

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, more or less a physical. I say "more or less" because the original purpose of the appointment was to check my blood pressure and ensure that I wasn't about to explode. I was supposed to do this every three months, but the office manager found that I hadn't been in about a year and busted me. So I added on the "let's just make it a physical" and we... Read more →

Grey, I Mean, Gray, Friday Love List

Do you ever wonder about the actual correct spelling of "grey"? I mean, is it "grey" or "gray"? Or do I have too much time on my hands? Never mind. Mr. Google told me that "gray" was the American spelling and "grey" is the British spelling. The best comment was this one: "Gray" is a color. "Grey" is a colour. I'm easily amused. Anyway, it's Friday afternoon, and it's very gray and sort of drizzly,... Read more →

If I Still Had Any, I'd Blame My Hormones

I shoulda stood in bed. After a nice long weekend of doing stuff that I wanted to do, including nothing, I did not like having to get up and go to work. I did it anyway. Adding to my general feeling of fuck-it-all was the grey, cloudy, occasionally drippy weather, the lack of people in the office, the email I got from my supervisor, and a pervasive feeling of Being In A Snit. Oh well.... Read more →

From 'Zilla To Johnny

So it was a real case of cognitive dissonance to see this sight last night at Verizon Center. Yes, it's Olaf Kolzig, not in a Washington Capitals jersey, but in a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey. No more Olie the Goalie for my Caps. Olie had spent his entire NHL career with the Caps, since being drafted in 1989. I felt bad when he left the Caps last spring, after being demoted/replaced/pushed out of the organization.... Read more →