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Ten (True) Bloody Things, Or Fangs For The Memory

Ah, it's the day before Hallowe'en, so it seems only right that I come clean about my latest obsession: HBO's new series, True Blood. Here are ten things about True Blood in particular and vampire stuff in general. 1. I have not read the books (by Charlaine Harris) yet. I probably will, but I plan to wait until after the series is over. I hope (hint, hint, oh family mine) to get one or two... Read more →

Tissue? I Hardly Know You!

Joe and I are still hacking and sniffling. Joe was coughing so badly he was losing his breath, then he'd manage to get rid of a big gob, then he'd be a little better, then he'd start the cycle all over again. He finally went to the ER this afternoon, because our regular doctor couldn't see him until Thursday at noon. Thanks, Doc! The ER doc did a chest x-ray and bloodwork, and sent Joe... Read more →

Words of Counsel

Friday night was packing night; we gathered at Mom's house to continue boxing up her life. We continue to find amazing things from our distant past, like the big, old family Bible that originally belonged to my great grandparents. It's literally falling apart. My Pop used that old standard method to repair it: duct tape. Yes, duct tape. Sigh. Between the Old and New Testaments is a space for family records; my great grandfather meticulously... Read more →

Ghosts In The Desk

My sister and brother and I began packing up Mom's things last weekend, preparing for the renovations that have to be done to her unit. Once the house is vacant, the property management will come in and do a major spiffing -- new carpet, paint, counters, appliances... the works. Hopefully the improvements will bring a buyer! I packed up the desk, an antique roll top that belonged to my great-grandfather. In the middle drawer, I... Read more →

Yes, Sis, I Stayed Home Today

I've pretty much slept away the day. After hearing me cough up pieces of my lungs, my sister made me promise to stay home. I do not disobey my sister, because she knows best. So I called in sick this morning and I am glad I did. Because I'm still not feeling up to snuff, I'm doing this meme. Cyndy tagged me -- you should check out Cyndy's blog, because she takes beautiful pictures. Off... Read more →

Ten Things About This Cold And Other Stuff

I'm feeling crappy, so rather than a Love List, here are ten things about why I'm feeling crappy. Kind of. 1. The cold has settled in, both as a disease and as weather. I know, I know; it's not really all that cold. Shut up. I feel crappy. 2. No bonus for you! Okay, then. If they won't pay me to stay, they can pay me to leave. 3. Projects keep popping up like Whack-a-Moles,... Read more →

It's Catching

I think I am catching the crud-fuck cold that Joe brought home two days ago. My throat is kinda scratchy, my sinuses are filling up with goo, and my bones are achey. I fell sound asleep on the sofa last night at 8:30; woke up and went to bed around 10 (I think), and slept straight through unti 6:35 when I woke up out of a weird travelling dream. When I got to work I... Read more →

Too Much Fun

I am really really tired tonight -- it might be because I may have had too much fun this weekend. I must do something about that. I gave y'all a preview on Friday, so let's review! I made the pies after my Caps went down to defeat. Hurray and yet, alas! Took mom to lunch on Saturday afternoon. It was good, though always tinged with sadness. After that, jumped on the subway (with two pies!)... Read more →

Sort Of A Love List

Friday afternoon! The end of a long, busy week! The air is full of falling stocks and slung mud and yet -- it is a beautiful, sun-filled day. The light is warm on my shoulders and the breeze is sweet and cool. What's not to love? Well, okay, I got my statement from UBS yesterday and had to laugh, because otherwise I would just slit my wrists. June 2008? My "portfolio" was worth $1500 or... Read more →

Twenty-Seven Years Ago

This morning I sent SonnyeBoy a text message: 27 years ago I almost died...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Nothing like a little guilt to start a birthday off right, I always say! He texted ("texted"? Oh my God!) me right back: THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!! This just goes to show what a wonderful son he is. WARNING: Do not read the rest of this entry if you are pregnant, or squeamish, or SonnyeBoy. It's true, though; I... Read more →