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Send 'Em In!

Scary Os

Yesterday morning I was munching my Joe's Os, reading the paper, drinking my coffee... and as I spooned up a mouthful of delectable oaty goodness one of the little ovoid cerealettes made the break. It jumped off my spoon toward the back of the bowl, rolled around to the front, and came to rest by my hand.

I jumped a little, because I thought it was a bug.

Joe gave me the What The Hell look, and I explained:

"That cheerio startled me."

The What The Hell look morphed into the Should I Be Worried look, and I went into a paroxysicm prosaxism paroz laughing fit. And so did he.

Ah, marriage. A thrill a minute.

With that, I go to pack. Next week there will be many pictures of many clowns. Coulrophobics, you have been warned.