Scary Os

Send 'Em In!

Hi! I'm back!

We arrived in Madison a week ago today, picked up a couple of clowns without rides, stuffed everything into the clown rental car, and headed for Reunion Central, aka Baraboo, Wisconsin.

The reunion officially started on Thursday at Circus World Museum. We registered, picked up our goody bag, and met and mingled with the other 175 clowns from every Clown College class.


The Elephant House was decked out with tons of Clown College memorabilia, including the class photos from every class, including my own class from 1975. Can you find me? Hint: I'm in the front row, and I look nothing like the clown I ended up being.


I suppose I could give a blow-by-blow description of the rest of the reunion, from the welcome to the panels to the stories to the meetings of old friends and new friends and the joy of working backstage at the Big Show to the picnic at Devil's Lake State Park to the amazing banquet and auction of circus memorabilia and roast of Barry Lubin (whom you may know better as Grandma) to the laughs and the laughs and the laughs...

But instead, for now, I'll just send in the clowns:


And especially, of course, the girl clowns!