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I Think I'll Have Some More Shiraz

I love: a nice Shiraz -- very tasty. Trader Joe's Margherita pizza -- also very tasty. Shanney and SonnyeBoy for clearing off the porch at the beach just in case Tropical Storm Hanna gets wicked -- it would be a real bummer to find the white wicker furniture bobbing around in the bay. the sound of the cicadas in the night. listening to Joe rant. getting another project out for review -- I was a... Read more →

How To Piss Off Joe

Yesterday a kid came into Joe's shop and said, "What's the biggest cigar you've got?" And Joe said, "Can I see some ID?" Kid: "ID? Really? Why?" Joe (patiently): "Because you have to be 18 to buy tobacco products in the state of Maryland." Kid shows Joe his ID; he's 18, so the transaction can proceed. Joe: "When you say 'biggest,' do you mean length or circumference? Kid: "Both!" (Joe doubts that Kid knows what... Read more →