A Day In The Dells
Renegade Apostrophe IV

March On 'Til You Have Won, Sons Of Washington!

We interrupt this travelogue to bring you important sports news!

Washington Redskins - 26
Dallas Cowboys - 24

In fucking DALLAS! Were we underdogs? OH HELL YES -- by 11 points!

You know what's cool about watching the game with your family, aside from the fact that my sister makes a killer margarita? You know all the same stuff, such as:

Third and one? Quarterback sneak!
Run the kickoff or punt out of the end zone and only make it to the 12 yard line rather than take the touchback and start from the 20? Loss of 8.
Tie score? Might as well be nuthin'-nuthin'.
Penalty on our team just when we make a critical first down? Holding.
Less than a minute to go? Plenty of time!
Roger Stauback, Danny White, Troy Aikman, Tony Romo (whoever, it doesn't matter) takes a snap? Get him!!!!!

My pop's quirks live on in us -- especially his hatred of the Dallas Cowboys and his love of the Washington Redskins.

Oh, and by the way -- Jim Zorn? Hot. Especially when his coaching skills enable the 'Skins to beat the Dallas Cowboys. In fucking Dallas. When we were 11 point underdogs.

Did I mention the score?

Washington Redskins - 26
Dallas Cowboys - 24