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March On 'Til You Have Won, Sons Of Washington!

We interrupt this travelogue to bring you important sports news! Washington Redskins - 26 Dallas Cowboys - 24 In fucking DALLAS! Were we underdogs? OH HELL YES -- by 11 points! You know what's cool about watching the game with your family, aside from the fact that my sister makes a killer margarita? You know all the same stuff, such as: Third and one? Quarterback sneak! Run the kickoff or punt out of the end... Read more →

A Day In The Dells

Last Sunday, after the Clown College reunion was over, we took a short trip north to the Wisconsin Dells, a famed tourist destination in south-central Wisconsin. Oh. My. God. I hear from a reliable source that Branson, Missouri, out-tackys Wisconsin Dells, but still. Oh. My. God! I LOVED IT! If you haven't been to Wisconsin Dells, you are missing out. It's like an archeological expedition through the layers of human amusement. At the deepest and... Read more →

The Puck Drops Here

We interrupt this nostalgia to bring you HOCKEY! Yes, I know it's preseason, but even so, last night was hockey night in DC -- my Washington Capitals versus the Carolina Hurricanes. The boys took it a little too easy in the first period, allowing the 'Canes to rack up a 2-0 lead. At the end of the second period, we were tied at two each. And at the end of the third? Capitals goal, number... Read more →


My last season on the circus -- Famous Hunt's Circus, to be exact -- was the summer of 1978. It was a weird, kind of depressing season, with bad weather and sparse audiences. But one of the brightest spots on that show was that I got to know Mike and Janice Aria. Mike and Janice had a bear act, with one grizzly and one black bear. The bears were trained well and treated with love.... Read more →

Send 'Em In!

Hi! I'm back! We arrived in Madison a week ago today, picked up a couple of clowns without rides, stuffed everything into the clown rental car, and headed for Reunion Central, aka Baraboo, Wisconsin. The reunion officially started on Thursday at Circus World Museum. We registered, picked up our goody bag, and met and mingled with the other 175 clowns from every Clown College class. The Elephant House was decked out with tons of Clown... Read more →

Scary Os

Yesterday morning I was munching my Joe's Os, reading the paper, drinking my coffee... and as I spooned up a mouthful of delectable oaty goodness one of the little ovoid cerealettes made the break. It jumped off my spoon toward the back of the bowl, rolled around to the front, and came to rest by my hand. I jumped a little, because I thought it was a bug. Joe gave me the What The Hell... Read more →

No Contract For You!

On Wednesday, Joe and I are flying to Baraboo Wisconsin to attend a reunion in honor of the 40th anniversary of the founding of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown College. I think it's going to be a great time! I had a pretty memorable experience at Clown College. I flew to Sarasota Florida in September of 1975 with another girl from the DC area who was also going. We sat side by... Read more →

A Week Late Love List

I am a week late with this Love List Fill-in-the-Blank post. But it is the end of a tiring week that was full of weirdness and yet, productivity, so I'm okay with it. How about you? Yeah? Here goes. THINGS YOU LOVE Song you love: Little Deuce Coupe, by The Beach Boys. I'm putting together a playlist based on a podcast and this is one of the songs on it. I liked the Boys back... Read more →

Chianti Is Nice Too

Well. The last few days have been a veritable whirlwind of activity. Saturday was Hanna Day. It was rainy or windy, sometimes both, sometimes torrential downpours and sometimes drizzle. We, of course, went out for lunch, because we are nuts. The rain and wind finally stopped later in the afternoon, just in time for me to join my BFFs from high school for one of our semi-regular get-togethers. We usually meet at a restaurant, but... Read more →