I Think I'll Have Some More Shiraz
A Memory Of This Day

Chianti Is Nice Too

Well. The last few days have been a veritable whirlwind of activity.

Saturday was Hanna Day. It was rainy or windy, sometimes both, sometimes torrential downpours and sometimes drizzle. We, of course, went out for lunch, because we are nuts.


The rain and wind finally stopped later in the afternoon, just in time for me to join my BFFs from high school for one of our semi-regular get-togethers. We usually meet at a restaurant, but this time we met at Barbara's house in Towson, the better to admire her new kitchen, ogle photos of her son's wedding and Beany's trip to Alaska, eat wonderful food, and mostly laugh a lot. I think we look damn good for a bunch of old broads, don't you?


Sunday was as gorgeous as Saturday was foul. Joe and I took Mom to lunch. It was quite nice. Mom's always on her best  behavior when the sons-in-law are around. Sunday evening we met some friends to see a great performance by The Capitol Steps. They were hilarious! I especially loved Vladimir Putin and the Pips with their version of "Midnight Raid on Georgia," but the new theme song of the Democrats -- "Obama Mia," of course -- was equally brilliant.

Monday I went to work with a fair level of trepidation. Those who know me will understand why; let's just say that I got "conserved." I still have a job -- whew -- and (according to a certain Secretary) will continue to have a job. And... I think I will leave it at that for now.

Last night Joe and I met at Kettler Capitals Iceplex for our New Season Ticket Holder Orientation. It was fun! We got to meet Ted Leonsis, the team owner, and David Steckel, one of our hot young players. Oh yah.


And! There was a raffle, and Joe won a major award -- a framed mini-jersey autographed by Nicklas Backstrom, our amazing rookie. Now I am even more itchy for hockey season to begin.


Tonight Joe made a great dinner of brats, pasta, and sauce, which we washed down with a quite lovely Chianti. There's something very nice about an evening at home, especially when Chianti is involved.