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A Week Late Love List

I am a week late with this Love List Fill-in-the-Blank post. But it is the end of a tiring week that was full of weirdness and yet, productivity, so I'm okay with it. How about you? Yeah? Here goes.


Song you love: Little Deuce Coupe, by The Beach Boys. I'm putting together a playlist based on a podcast and this is one of the songs on it. I liked the Boys back in the day, and I remembered how much when I downloaded this tune and listened to it again. It makes me want to bounce.

Word you love: Snooze. It's very relaxing.

Academic subject you love: I'm so far removed from academic life! I will tell you, though, that my favorite class in college (real college, not Clown College) was an English lit course called Arthurian Legend. Loved. It.

Hobby you love: Blogging. I admit it.

Type of baked good you love: Shortcake. Real shortcake, like sweet biscuits, not fake shortcake, like pound cake.

Type of sky you love: The deep blue of late fall afternoons, so blue and deep you could drown in it.

Beverage you love: Coca-cola, ice cold.

Vacation you love: Anyone who knows me is sick and tired of me saying "Ocean City," so I will say "Any vacation that takes me away from work." But... Ocean City.

Restaurant you love: Holly's. It's a joint on the Eastern shore that serves the BEST fried chicken I've ever had, including Mom's. You can't beat it -- three pieces of chicken and two sides for $8.50!

Way of getting around that you love: Unicycle. If only I could ride one.

Person you love: Joe, of course.

Room in your home (or ideal home) you love: My bedroom, my comfy, comfy bedroom.

Movie you love: Bottle Shock. If you haven't seen it, do. They got the 70s exactly right. And Alan Rickman! How can you not love Alan Rickman?

Book you love: The Elements of Style, by William Strunk and E.B. White. I am such a nerd.

City you love: Tampere, Finland. It's clean, and beautiful, and has amazing donuts.

Future plan you love: Retirement. It's out there, somewhere, someday...

Form of communication you love: Hugging.

Junk food you love: Big salty soft pretzels with mustard on top. They sell them at Verizon Center, where I will soon be watching hockey in person.