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Weekend with Mom

Hi! I'm back! Oh, you didn't know I was gone? Well, damn. Anyway. All of your timing chain stories scared me, so I decided not to risk unpredictable failure in the middle of the Bay Bridge and took the car to the Honda Doctor for elective timing chain replacement surgery. I did get 20% off (thank you, coupon), which kept the cost just barely under four figures. I wish that these sorts of repairs were... Read more →

Easy As ABC

I just finished a big project. It's a course for mortgage brokers called The ABCs of Stuff (name changed to protect my ass). So in honor of ABCs (and also because I'm tired and my neck hurts), I present an ABCs meme that I've been saving up. I have, of course, forgotten where I got it from. A is for age: 56 B is for beer of choice: Raspberry Lambic, or maybe Guinness C is... Read more →

A Matter of Timing Chain

My car is coming up on its next scheduled oil change. It has almost 104,000 miles. The Honda folks want me to replace the timing chain before 105,000 miles. I am going to be driving to Ocean City on Sunday for a few days of babymomsitting. Do I get it done before the trip, even though I really don't have $800 bucks to spare, or do I take the chance that all will be well,... Read more →

Dada Is?

Saturday night we got together with our great good friends to go downtown to partake of one of the offerings of the Capital Fringe Festival, a show called MANIFESTO! Why this one, out of all of the odd, avant-garde, interesting fare at the Fringe? Well, my pal Linda has known Mark Jaster, one of the actors and creators of the play, since about forever. It was a natural choice. We met up at Ben's Chili... Read more →

Love In Spite Of It All

I have a headache. It started late this afternoon when I was rasslin' in a handicap match with Word and Powerpoint, and now it's kinked up the side of my neck and left shoulder. There's a call on the Caller ID which I suspect is from the finance office of Mom's assisted living home; I'm avoiding it until I can write a letter about Mom's house situation. It's hot and humid and hazy, and it... Read more →


After I realized that the circus life wasn't going to work out for me, I got a Real Job at an up-and-coming computer firm. I applied for the job because the want ad in the paper read, in part: Knowledge of magic, sense of the absurd, and any other useful skill would be an asset. Sounded perfect. The job title was Services Support Coordinator, but the actual job was shipping clerk for the data center.... Read more →

What Is Wrong With People?

I have been rolling the following items around in my head for the past few days and every time I do, I end up shaking my head and thinking, "What is WRONG with people?" First, I was listening to my favorite shock jock the other morning when the subject got around to the presidential candidates. One woman called in and began with the "I'm voting for McCain because my husband is a Marine", which, okay,... Read more →

Fan Fest!

We went to the Capitals Fan Fest today! The Fest was held at the Caps training facility, Kettler Capitals Iceplex, and a lovely place it was, especially since it was about a billion degrees outside and inside (especially next to the rinks) it was nice and frosty. We thought about getting in line to get Brooks Laich's autograph, but the line was really really really long. I did manage to snag a nice shot of... Read more →

Guilty Reality

Joe is off hobnobbing with his fellow wizards, so that means... Guilty Pleasure Time! I have several guilty pleasures -- two of which involve Patrick Swayze, poor lad. Can you guess? Why, of course -- Ghost and Dirty Dancing. Neither of those is on tonight, so I will be concentrating on my two guilty pleasure reality shows. I confess to you now, for confession is good for the soul, that they are So You Think... Read more →