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Why I Love This Particular Friday

I haven't done a Love List in a couple -- okay, a few -- weeks, so it's high time I did. This particular Friday is a particularly nice Friday, so here's a list of things that I love about it.

  • It's Friday. Seems obvious, but nevertheless, I love this day simply for that calendarish fact.
  • The weather is perfect. Yes, perfect.
  • Jeans Day at the office.
  • Made a cameo appearance in a presentation at the All-Hands (aka big meeting for the whole department); it went quite well and I even got an arm pat from the SVP. I'm a Hot Tamale Baby let me tell you.
  • No signs of ick from the recent water contamination scare. I guess I can stop clenching now.
  • I'm caught up on the bills with money left over.
  • The Black-Eyed Susans and daylilies are blooming.
  • No traffic!
  • Interview with Weird Al Yankovick on the radio this morning. Yes -- I like Weird Al. Shut up.
  • Had a good night's sleep last night, pretty much.
  • New purse. I think this one will last awhile; it has all the right pockets and a few extra hidey places.
  • Big project done for the nonce.
  • All smaller projects done too!
  • Only five more days left in a Mercury Retrograde.
  • Got a note that this shipped today; it's due to arrive on Monday. Even better? Used a gift card to cover most of the cost!
  • It's pretty much lunchtime, which means a walk in the perfect weather.
  • Tonight? Going to the beach!!!

I may even have to leave just a smidgen early this afternoon. Just a smidgen.