And Yet, I Manage To Get Things Done

Stop Me Before I Open The Closet

I cleaned out my dresser drawers today. At first I was only going to put away my clean clothes, but when I took a good look at my underwear drawer I knew it was time for a purge.

So out with all the old, ill-fitting granny panties! Out with the two padded, underwired, and heavily infrastructured brassieres that I bought on the off-chance I'd actually wear such contraptions. (Actually, I think I wore each of them once -- they served their purpose each time but now? Out!) Ah, the jogbra -- as useful to me as tits on a snake. Begone! The pamphlet on how to tie a scarf in many fetching designs? Yes, oh so 80s and oh so trashed.

Then I decided that it was time to get ruthless on the pants and tops drawer. If it didn't fit or hadn't been worn in a year, buh bye! When that was done, I put in the clean stuff -- turtlenecks and long-sleeved tops on one side and short-sleeved summery tops on the other -- and miracle of miracles, it all fit with room to spare.

On to the two drawers stuffed full of t-shirts. Again, "ruthless" ruled the roost. I ditched t-shirts that I've never worn. I recycled award shirts from ancient software releases (it ran on 386s) and marketing shirts from vendors at conferences. Speaking of conferences, I no longer feel the need to keep souvenir shirts from them. Away with them all!

The tops and pants and Wonderbras went into the charity sack; the underwear got thrown away. I think donating one's used underpants is kinda nasty, so into the trash they go.

Then, since I was on a roll, I dusted my dresser and cleaned the bathroom.

All this by noon. What's gotten into me?