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Moss Green Capri Pants, Hockey, and Smiles in the Dark

I have just sent off a great big old project for its final review and I am beat. I am going to go home and pour myself a big glass of water and take three Advil and maybe this ache along the left side of my head and down the left side of my neck will dissipate. Hope springs eternal. So... what's been happening, aside from big projects? Well, my Mom turned 97 on Monday.... Read more →


Sometimes you're going along just fine, very productive, schmoozing the good schmooze with various and sundry friends and relatives and colleagues, producing and multitasking, speaking the language, hitting it out of the park, leveraging everything that can leveraged, and bam! You wake up one day, but you're very groggy. A little too more social/business/personal overload combined with unseasonably hot and humid weather hits you upside the head and says, "No mas!" So yeah. I'm am... Read more →

Synchronicity, Maybe, And A Fake Peach

Perhaps I'm living right, or God has smilethed down upon my head, or there's something to this synchronicity stuff after all, but I did not get rained on once yesterday, despite several bad lines of thunderstorms and even tornadoes moving across the DC area. It was raining as my great good friend Judy and I had a morning wake-up beverage in the hotel Starbucks; it was not raining when we walked over to the Convention... Read more →

Still Here, Or Rather There

Hi! I'm still in Philadelphia at my conference. So far, I have: Eaten a cheesesteak Had a Bassett's ice cream cone Visited the oldest pub in downtown Philly (McGuillen's -- excellent and cheap BLTs) Drunk free beer (always good!) Attended some very good sessions on instructional design and the like Hugged about a million billion people Watched the Pens beat the Red Wings (C'mon Wings! Get it together!) Attended a meeting Crashed a lunch with... Read more →