The Road To Hell Goes Right Past The K of C Hall

Moss Green Capri Pants, Hockey, and Smiles in the Dark

I have just sent off a great big old project for its final review and I am beat. I am going to go home and pour myself a big glass of water and take three Advil and maybe this ache along the left side of my head and down the left side of my neck will dissipate.

Hope springs eternal.

So... what's been happening, aside from big projects?

Well, my Mom turned 97 on Monday. Imagine -- 97 years old! She got about a billion flowers and balloons, got taken out to lunch every day this week, and I just ordered her a pair of capri pants and a t-shirt from LL Bean. Yep, my little old mom, in moss green capri pants. Of course, on her they're full length. She is also kicking ass in Bingo at the home, where she has converted her "bingo bucks" into cash money to the tune of about fifty bucks. Way to go, Mom!

Joe and I decided that, instead of a trip or a fancy meal or glittery gifts, we would buy season tickets for the Capitals! Luckily, we can pay for them in 10 equal monthly installments. We are way up in the nosebleed seats, but they are are our seats, our very own seats, for the entire 2008-2009 season. If we can't make one of the 40 or so games, I'll give you the tickets. Honest.

On Sunday night I decided to try some sort-of subliminal suggestion technique to see if I could do something about my bad sleep, so I started thinking "You're going to sleep well tonight. You're going to wake up feeling good. You're going to have good dreams." to myself, over and over, as I fell asleep. I did it Monday night, too. Both Monday and yesterday, I slept better and woke up with more energy. I didn't do it last night and I had a noticeably rougher night. Who knows? Maybe this shit works. Then again, maybe I'm just nuts.

But when I do wake up in the night, at least I will see a smiling face. In addition to Joe, that is.