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Stop Me Before I Open The Closet

I cleaned out my dresser drawers today. At first I was only going to put away my clean clothes, but when I took a good look at my underwear drawer I knew it was time for a purge. So out with all the old, ill-fitting granny panties! Out with the two padded, underwired, and heavily infrastructured brassieres that I bought on the off-chance I'd actually wear such contraptions. (Actually, I think I wore each of... Read more →


We are back in the soup here in DC -- upper 90s and high humidity garnished with an afternoon thunderstorm or two. Our AC isn't working real well, so we tend to leave it off or set the thermostat very high during the day. The upside is we save on electricity; the downside is that it feels like a tropical rainforest when we get home. The upstairs is always a couple of degrees hotter and... Read more →

After The Gallop

And here we are, 28 years after I galloped down the aisle, after a great meal at Micky Fins. We had a great weekend at the beach. We walked down the boardwalk... ...rode the giant ferris wheel... ...admired the view from the top... ...sat on the beach... ...drank refreshing beverages... and did various other fun activities, of which I have no pictures. Heh. Read more →

Down The Aisle

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. Seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in my parents' home, drinking coffee and thinking about my upcoming nuptials, when my Pop walked down the steps clad only in his strapless t-shirt, his size 44 boxers, his shoes and socks, and the striped tie from his rented tux. "Well, I'm ready!" he said. That's my Pop. I'd gotten my hair done the day before, so I put on... Read more →

Why I Love This Particular Friday

I haven't done a Love List in a couple -- okay, a few -- weeks, so it's high time I did. This particular Friday is a particularly nice Friday, so here's a list of things that I love about it. It's Friday. Seems obvious, but nevertheless, I love this day simply for that calendarish fact. The weather is perfect. Yes, perfect. Jeans Day at the office. Made a cameo appearance in a presentation at the... Read more →

Funny How That Works

Today was a day of obstacles. First one thing; then another. Not all bad, mind you; there were good things, but mostly it was a day of missed connections and rework. But on the way home, driving through a minor thunderstorm, there was a rainbow. Almost a full semicircle, though it's very faint. One end, though, was bright. Just looking at it made me feel way better, like I'd made it through. Once I got... Read more →

10 Top 10

We are watching AFI's 10 Top 10; they just finished the Sci-Fi category. The top 10 -- not in order here -- were: A Clockwork Orange Alien Terminator Star Wars ET The Day the Earth Stood Still Bladerunner Back to the Future Close Encounters of the Third Kind The winner? 2001: A Space Odyssey I saw 2001 when it first came out; I was in college. I remember seeing it (several times) in the university... Read more →

Not A Drop To Drink

Thanks to a break in a big old water main located under an upcounty nature center, everyone in my neck of the woods must boil their water for at least 10 minutes before drinking it, cooking with it, and baptizing people in it. Just kidding about the baptizing. Of course, Joe and I did not learn about this restriction until we had both showered, brushed our teeth (including big swigs of water), taken meds, and... Read more →

The Road To Hell Goes Right Past The K of C Hall

Enough time has passed that I can now tell this story all over the vast and glorious internet. Last summer SonnyeBoy backed up a fellow officer on a DUI call. It was very late at night (or very early in the morning, if you prefer) and Officer Buddy noticed a car zig-zagging all over Coastal Highway. Officer Buddy attempted to pull the car over, but the driver did not stop. The female driver wasn't trying... Read more →