Would That Be One Scoop Or Express Mail?
Stop Me Before I Open The Closet


We are back in the soup here in DC -- upper 90s and high humidity garnished with an afternoon thunderstorm or two.

Our AC isn't working real well, so we tend to leave it off or set the thermostat very high during the day. The upside is we save on electricity; the downside is that it feels like a tropical rainforest when we get home. The upstairs is always a couple of degrees hotter and stuffier; it always has been, even when the AC was working perfectly.

Yeah, we need to get the AC serviced. We will. I promise.

Meanwhile, when we go to bed we turn the thermostat up high again, open the windows in our bedroom and in the guest bedroom, and stick the box fan in the guest bedroom window, making sure that it blows outside. Then we turn it on full blast. The fan sucks the air through our bedroom and spits it out the guest bedroom. It really helps a lot!

And now I have officially mentioned sweating, sucking, blowing, and spitting it out, and this isn't even a sex blog.