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Why I Love This Particular Friday

Funny How That Works

Today was a day of obstacles. First one thing; then another. Not all bad, mind you; there were good things, but mostly it was a day of missed connections and rework.

But on the way home, driving through a minor thunderstorm, there was a rainbow. Almost a full semicircle, though it's very faint.


One end, though, was bright.


Just looking at it made me feel way better, like I'd made it through.

Once I got home, another round of thunderstorm moved through. When I looked out the back window, I noticed that it was raining rather briskly, but the sun was shining in the west. So I went out front to see if, perhaps, there was another rainbow.

And there was, and it was way more glorious then this badly merged photo can ever hope to show, but you can at least get an idea of it. And now I feel pretty good.