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Philly Time

Tonight I am going to get ready -- sort of -- to go to Philadelphia for the annual STC conference. I'm not actually getting on the train until Sunday morning, but I'm picking up my great good friend Judy at the airport tomorrow. She's going to hang out with us tomorrow night. We are planning to smuggle Cosmopolitans in thermos bottles into the movie theater and see Sex and The City (Shut. Up.) and have... Read more →

A Little Catharsis Never Hurt Anyone

Last weekend I saw quite a bit of Mom, particularly on Sunday when my older sister and I took her to lunch with my two cousins and their husbands. It was a nice lunch. My cousins were sociable and interesting, and Mom seemed to enjoy herself. On the way home, though, she had another intestinal emergency and we made it to her room just in time. She continued to have problems for the next hour.... Read more →

Oh Baby, Where Can You Bee?

The back door is open to let in the perfect late spring breeze on a cloudless Memorial Day. I am almost done cleaning the oven, a task I to which I committed myself (maybe I should have been committed) the other day when I put some meat in to broil and the kitchen filled up with greasy smoke. Yeah. Time to clean the oven. But that's not what I want to write about today. I... Read more →

Ten Things That Happened Lately

The women's restroom at work has completely self-contained stalls with real live doors, tiny rooms containing a toilet, paper, and a generous helping of claustrophobia. It also has motion sensor lights. This is a bad combination, as I found out when I was sitting in one of the stalls and the lights no longer detected me. So -- I found myself in a tiny compartment in the pitch dark. Fun! We had some repairs done... Read more →

I Seem To Be Married To An Insane Arms Dealer

In my last conversation with SonnyeBoy, I mentioned that Joe and I were probably going to see Ironman this weekend. SonnyeBoy said that the show was great, but I should pay particular attention to the character played by Jeff Bridges. "He looks just like someone we know," said SonnyeBoy. He is nothing but a big tease. Anyway, we went to see the movie last weekend. And there he was: Jeff Bridges as the evil Obediah... Read more →

Rare Sighting

I was driving into work Friday morning, at the tale end of a rainy night turned soggy morning, when it whizzed by. Could it be? I chased it down the road, trying to get a better picture. Alas! It was too quick, zipping down the road as other, bigger cars cut in front of me. I thought I'd lost it, but then it got stuck behind a bus. Before I knew it, I sped by!... Read more →

It's A Crummy Commercial!

Okay, I'm idly playing a little Solitaire Scrabulous. Why Solitaire? Because I'm a scaredy-cat and do not wish my vocabulary skills against other people. I think I'm getting better, though. When I first starting playing, I was lucky to put down words of more than three letters; now I have actually used all seven letters at a time. Once, anyway. But that's not what this is about. I finished up a game -- scored 502,... Read more →

Mother's Day, Mostly

I had a friend many many years ago who fell in with some sort of odd cult that believed that the increase in earth disasters was a portent of the end of the world. She'd show us charts and graphs and data that proved it. I wonder what she's thinking now. I mean, what the hell is happening? Cyclones in southeast Asia, earthquakes in China, fires in Florida, tornadoes in the midwest, monsoons in the... Read more →

And It's A Suede Purse, Too

Okay, I am done with work. I have not left work yet, but I am done, and I am not going home because I am meeting my sibs for dinner, but I don't have to meet them for a couple of hours, so... there you go. Since our beloved Caps fell in the first round and the Canadiens fell in the second, Joe and I have decided that we are rooting for the Red Wings... Read more →

There Goes Tokyo

Okay, by popular demand -- or at least because Steph is curious and Kitty wants to see it -- here's a picture of the Godzilla ring! What makes this delightful piece of haute couture jewelry even better is that it's handmade from a Scrabble tile! This one is a "T", so it's only worth one point in the game. I got it here. Looks like I was just in time, too! Yes, I was in... Read more →