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Cherry Blossom Love List

This week has been interesting, weatherwise. The clear, cloudless days have been cold; the grey, rainy days have been warm. It's a classic glass half-full, glass half-empty conundrum! Until today, which has been cold, grey, and damp. Pretty damn blah -- the perfect day for a love list. I love: Hockey, hockey, hockey! My Caps are On. Fucking. Fire! Ovie has 65 goals and about a zillion points, the team is on a winning streak... Read more →

If I Were...

First seen on Jenn's site, then seen on Golfwidow's site, now seen on mine! If I were a direction I’d be … up. If I were furniture I’d be … polished. If I were a liquid I’d be … potable. If I were a sin I’d be … deadly. If I were a gem/stone I’d be … faceted. If I were a metal I’d be … heavy, or perhaps heavy. If I were a tree... Read more →