Open Heart
Going to Gulfport


It seems to me that I slept most of this weekend, but I really didn't. I think it's because the afterglow of the stellar Caps win Friday night mellowed me out and quite possibly made me sleepy. Or maybe it was the Other afterglow (don't worry, I'll stop there). We did do some napping, but not as much as I would have liked. Sleep is one of my favorite activities, after all.

At any rate, it was a pretty great weekend. The game was amazing -- I have never seen that arena so full of pumped-up fans! The emotion was intense, especially in the third period when my Boys came back from a two-goal deficit to win the game on Ovie's 66th goal. When that horn sounded, the whole place went berzerk. Joe and I just grabbed each other and jumped up and down for about five minutes. Here are some pictures of the fun!

Then, as we were waiting for the subway train, who should come up behind us but my sis and her husband! So of course the evening couldn't just end -- we took ourselved to our favorite all-night house of gourmet eats, The Tastee Diner, for breakfast at midnight. (Well, Sis had a BLT and a glass o' wine, but I suppose the bacon brings it close enough. And who doesn't like a nice glass of white zin for breakfast?)

Saturday was low key, because at this age I am easily exhausted. Sis and I agreed to show up to exercise class -- and we did -- and then take Mom to lunch -- and we did. Since spring is in the air, Mom is fantasizing about moving back to her house, and we had to gently remind her that it wasn't going to happen. She resisted, but we persisted. I took her there after lunch, where I'd like to think that reality crept up on her. I could be wrong about that, of course.

Then came the Afternoon of Snoozing, followed by a delicious dinner that Joe fixed (the best kind!), followed by the Evening of Snoozing, followed by the Stumbling Up to Bed.

Yesterday we worshipped at the Cathedral of Weekend Breakfast, where the French toast is a sacrament and the coffee comes in a pitcher. Thus fortified, I parked myself in front of the computer and paid bills, did Mom's taxes, went through all of her latest hospital paperwork (my God! the trees that have died in the service of insurance company EOBs), and got her bills in order.

All the while I was trying to ignore the drubbing my Caps took at the hands of the Evil Team from Philadelphia. That's okay; we'll get it back together. It's a long series!